About Spoke & Wheel

This is a club about riding. Please check our homepage and the "Upcoming Rides" section for more information on rides that this club participates in.
Special Scheduled Rides are suspended until Next April 2016 - weekly rides still as usual

The Spoke and Wheel club generally has at least one monthly club ride during Winter and early Spring and two monthly club rides during the Summer and Fall. In addition, there are weekly rides on various days of the weeks, that allow you to find a group that best meets your pace and ability levels. No matter what type of ride the club participates in there is always someone to ride with. The only exception to this is the Tuesday CIBA Training Ride during the Spring through Fall which is a FAST-paced ride. TUESDAY FAST RIDE CANCELED FOR NOW - Some riding the Madison Park Church Ride on Tuesday

Our monthly rides seem to feature a "food" destination where club members socialize with each other. Some of the favorites are the Geist Ride in late April, the Fourth of July ride, and the Fall Frolic in early October. Our weekly rides are more about riding and usually do not feature a "stop-and-dine" part of the ride.

In addition our club participates in many rides that involve an "overnight" component. Some members camp, some have their spouse bring an RV, some stay in a hotel. Some of the most popular rides include the Amishland and Lakes Ride in early August and the Hilly Hundred in mid-October.

The Spoke and Wheel club is active in the communities in which we live. Our club has participated in bike repair clinics at the Lapel library, been involved with Boy Scouts who are earning their Bicycling merit badge, and participated in Bike to Work day in Madison County. Each May, three of our members participate in the Habitat for Humanity ride which raises money for Habitat projects in our communities.