Saturday, June 18, 2011

"I Share the Road" license plate

(Excerpt from Feb. 2011 Spoke and Wheel newsletter...)

Message from Nancy Tibbett, Executive Director, Bicycle Indiana:

Greetings and Happy New Year!

It’s finally here!  The day has finally come: On Jan. 3, the I Share the Road license plate hit the road in Indiana. A key point to remember: $25 from every $40 I Share the Road specialty plate fee goes to Bicycle Indiana to support our efforts to improve cycling in Indiana.

As we've told you in previous notes, Bicycle Indiana’s goal is to see 8,000 plates issued our first year. This is an aggressive goal, and we’ll need your help to make it happen. We’ll use proceeds from the plate sales to support our ongoing cycling advocacy and education programs, and to provide grants to local cycling organizations. This grant process is not yet defined, but we will introduce and define it for your members in the coming year.

Thanks to the support, drive and dedication of Indiana cyclists, as of January 3, 2011, you can obtain your I Share the Road license plate from the BMV and proudly display your pedal passion even when you’re driving. 

You have three options to get your plate:
   1.  Visit a BMV Branch
   2.  Call 1-888-692-6841
   3.  Go to

If ordering online, be sure to click the box marked “Allow BMV to share my information with this organization.” If ordering by phone or in person, let the BMV representative know you want to share your information.


  1. (Excerpt from BICYCLE INDIANA newsletter and run in the March 2011 club newsletter...)


    Rex Upshaw of Anderson was the first person to send us a snapshot of his I Share The Road license plate, proudly mounted to his vehicles – in fact he sent us two! Rex ordered two I Share the Road license plates on January 1 and received them on January 11. Bicycle Indiana was happy to send Rex an I Share The Road fleece beanie for being the first person to send us a picture.

    Please continue to send us your photos. We're excited to see the long-awaited license plates mounted on your vehicles! Rex shared with Bicycle Indiana that the late president of the Anderson Spoke and Wheel Bicycle Club, Broc Bebout, was instrumental in our acquiring the required number of signatures during our first attempt for the plate. To quote Rex, "Thanks Broc, we did it!"

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