Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mill Street Inn Ride (3/20/11) by Steve Seybert

(Excerpt from April 2011 newsletter...)

The group enthusiastically gathered at Killbuck Valley School for the March 20 ride to Mill Street Inn, the home of the best pancakes in Indiana. We found good smooth roads for our adventure, only detouring 1/2 mile from our planned route. The ride over was a breeze with the wind at our backs, averaging a torrent 12 mph and arriving with energy left and ready for lunch.

True to Broc tradition, we did our best to rid Mill Street of their excessive amount of pancake batter, using (of course) sugar-free syrup. Well, that was except me -- I felt I needed the full-fledged gooey stuff. We ate and exchanged 100% true biking stories (well, almost 100%), then wiped the goo from our lips and headed for home.

The wind forgot to change directions while we were eating, so the route home was a bit more challenging... but what the heck -- we are tough bikers , so we endured! While trekking home, I thought, "What would Broc do?" and then it hit me... we should stop for ice cream to settle those sweet pancakes we had for lunch. So my bike got confused and I found that we were at Cammack Station looking at more sweets, but as we ogled the suger-laden treats, our stomachs revolted and we realized that we were not as tough as Broc, so we got back on our two-wheeled machines and headed for home.

The weather was great, as was the company: riders included Dave Elliott, Francie Seybert, and myself. We traveled 38.5 miles with no bicycle issues. Dave now rides a great-looking raleigh road bike, so future riders better look out!

See you on the road.

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