Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ill-Fated Ride (4/23/11) by Nancy Muething

(Excerpt from May 2011 newsletter...)

Saturday, April 23, Steve Rybolt sent out a Google Group message suggesting an afternoon ride from Falls Park. With a few peeks of sun showing, several of us decided to take him up o the offer. Leaving Falls Park with Steve were Chuck Baden, Doug Nelson, Steve Seybert, Paul & Nancy Muething, Dave Jones and Dave's grandson, Trent Rice. 

About a mile out of town, after passing the first barking dog, it started to rain. Doug stopped to remove his hearing aid and Steve Seybert said he wasn't riding in the rain, so he turned around and headed home. The rest of us agreed and turned around, too Arriving back at the park, we stopped at the shelter to talk. After a while the rain seemed to stop we we set out again. 

Trent was having a little trouble shifting on the hill out of town, and soon we discovered why. After a big push, his left peddle came off -- crank arm and all! It was hanging from his foot as he was still in the toe clip! Great rider that he is, he managed to kick it off, stop the bike, and dismount without falling. We all stared in disbelief. Kudos to you, Trent, for a job well done!

Dave rode back to the park to get his truck while the rest of us headed into the wind. By then, Paul and I decided we were just going to Lapel for ice cream while Steve, Chuck, and Doug took a little longer route. Meeting up in Lapel, we ate with Dave and Trent. After that, Steve and Chuck took off for parts unknown while Doug, Paul, and I took off in another head wind (how did that happen?) for the ride home.

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